Price: $30.00

Description: Nude (Medium) Blank Sign. Pairs well with the STAN sign stand (rented separately).

We also offer vinyl printing + application to help you complete your sign! Please refer to the VINYL section of the site and include that in your WISHLIST. Boards can only be used with removable decorative applications. No permanent lettering, nails, holes or adhesive that strips paint can be used.

If you would like a sign that you can put holes into, paint yourself, have it made in a custom colour or add permanent lettering, please let us know and we can custom create that for you!

Styled Photo: Megan Hemstra Photography

(H: 4'7", W: 2'6", bottom 10" is unusable area as it inserts into the STAN stand)

Quantity: 1

Dimensions: 47 x 26